UN039.  Un-Issued Luftwaffe Green HBT Tunic with Paper Tag.  Recent vet-estate pickup Un-Issued Luftwaffe Green HBT Tunic with Paper Tag sewn on the front produced in 1943 being in mint condition with storage wear only.  See pictures...$  1595.00 (Pictures) NEW SOLD pending payment (d)

UN040cv.  Waffen-SS M43 Tunic, "Prinz Eugen".  Waffen-SS M43 Tunic, "Prinz Eugen" with machine embroidered cufftitle having slip-on mountain-troop piped boards.  The tunic is done in Italian wool and in mint condition.  I have posted plenty of photos of this beauty.  This piece is well marked on the inside as shown.  See pictures...$  10000.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

UN041cv.  Waffen-SS Assault Gun Wrapper.  Waffen-SS Assault Gun Wrapper done in Italian gabardine material being un-issued having artillery piped straps.  See pictures...$  12000.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

UN042ct.  RAD 1939 Pattern Open-Neck Enlisted Tunic, Actual Example Photographed in Labor Organizations of the Reich by Angolia and Littlejohn.  This example is in choice condition having only one small moth hole on the right shoulder and is the exact piece shown in the mentioned book on page 279.  See pictures...$  650.00 (Pictures) JUST IN SOLD

UN043.  Hitler Youth Sport's Shirt.  This piece has the Hitler Youth RZM Tag and is size marked  See pictures...$  150.00 (Pictures) JUST IN SOLD

UN044cb.  Model 1939 Gau Hauptstellenleiter Tunic.  This fine piece was originally sold by Jeff Clark and I will cut and paste his fine description here, "Model 1939 Gau Hauptstellenleiter Tunic with the pay rank of Gemeinschaftsleiter. Armband is a nice bullion style. Collar tabs in good shape, although the gilt finish gone from the pips. War Merit ribbon to button hole. 4 buttons to the front are matching, pocket buttons have lost their gilt finish. The tunic is in very good condition, showing little to no wear. Breast pocket has loops for one medal and one ribbon bar. All Political Leader tunics are getting harder to find.".  This is a excellent example and fine piece to add to your collection  See pictures...$  2500.00 (Pictures) JUST IN SOLD

UN045.  Police Sport's Shirt.  Nicely marked example, dated 1942.  See pictures...$  300.00 (Pictures) JUST IN   

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