UN045.  Police Sport's Shirt.  Nicely marked example, dated 1942.  See pictures...$  275.00 (Pictures) NEW

UN047.  RAD Sport's Shorts.  Nicely marked example, dated 1938.  See pictures...$  125.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

UN048.  SA Tunic Marked to SA Gruppe Nordsee.  Nicely marked example having an ink stamp and the RZM Tag.  This was a barn find in New England by a friend.,  The insignia was removed, probably years ago, and the piece has some damage to the lining probably from a mouse that was probably also done some time ago, the damage goes to the front on the right side but I think this could be sewed up.  All the buttons are present and the belt ramps are there.  Some spotting on the wool at the upper back.  This just needs the tabs, shoulder boards and armband.  Large ink stamp "52" inside lower back.  Bargain priced and ready for your insignia and a really sharp looking tunic.  See pictures...$  450.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

UN049.  Political Leader's Tunic.  Collar is piped in black.  All buttons with the political eagle are present as well as the belt hooks.  This was a barn find in New England by a friend.  The insignia were all removed a time and you can see where the collar tabs sat as well as thread that held the armband on.  There is a cut under the right bottom pocket that could be fixed.  Good restoration project.  Some mothing.  Bargain priced and ready for your insignia.  See pictures...$  450.00 (Pictures) JUST IN    

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