Flags, Banners & Pole Tops

F064.  Large NSDAP Swastika Flag Centers.  These Large NSDAP Swastika Flag Centers were meant to go on flags but were never utilized.  These examples are printed on both sides.  These pieces measure 30 inches in diameter in the disc.  I have two available.  Price each...$  75.00 (Pictures)

F162.  DRL/NSRL Pennant.  This DRL/NSRL Pennant measures 24cm by 23 cm and the colors are bright.  The body of the pennant has come loose from the bunting but is held together to the bunting at the reinforced edge areas.  See pictures...$  195.00 (Pictures)

F168.  Single Sided NSDAP Banner.  Good looking Single Sided NSDAP Banner having sleeves on both ends measuring 53 by 56 inches with two small tears and some period repairs displaying well.  See pictures...$  250.00 (Pictures)

F181.  GI Signed German National Colors Banner.  Handsome GI Signed cotton German National Colors Banner measuring 58 by 124 inches being a vet-bringback piece.  See pictures...$ 350.00 (Pictures)

F235.  Double Sided Nazi Women's League (N.S. Frauenschaft) Pennant.  Good looking hand embroidered cotton Double Sided Nazi Women's League (N.S. Frauenschaft) Pennant measuring 34cm by 20cm.  These pennants and the larger banners appear to have been made at the local level.  See pictures...$ 295.00 (Pictures)

F256.  Early Third Reich Era Saar Pennant.  Great looking double-sided Early Third Reich Era Saar Pennant with propaganda sayings regarding the unification of The Saar Region with Germany with this piece measuring 16 by 25 cm and being in excellent condition being different than the above example.  See pictures...$  295.00 (Pictures)

F261.  Double-Sided Harbor Flag.  Good looking Double-Sided Harbor Flag measuring 39 inches/ 99cm by 68 1/2 inches/ 172cm not being finished at two ends likely being a factory pickup in excellent condition.  See pictures...$  250.00 (Pictures)

F274.  N. S. Reichs Kriegerbund Flag Pole Top.  Great looking National Socialist Reichs Kriegerbund Flag Pole Top that is made of bakelite.  This piece stands about 9 3/4 inches tall.  See pictures...$  450.00 (Pictures) SOLD pending payment (s)

F277.  N.S.B.O. Flag Pole Top.  Great looking two-piece construction, early nickel N.S.B.O. Flag Pole Top  that stands about 23cm/ 9 inches tall.  This style is pictured in the Bender RAD book.  See pictures...$  595.00 (Pictures)

F278.  N.S.B.O. "Abfl Röhr Giesserei" Flag Pole Top.  Good looking unique early N.S.B.O. "Abfl Röhr Giesserei" Flag Pole Top  that stands about 30.5cm/ 12 inches tall.  This was a factory in Röhr. See pictures...$  495.00 (Pictures)

F285.  SA Pennant with RZM Tag.  Nice looking double-sided SA Pennant with RZM Tag measuring 22 by 34cm being an un-issued piece but having some storage staining.  See pictures...$  285.00 (Pictures)

F301.  DDAC Flag-Pole Top for Vehicle Pennant.  Good looking DDAC Flag-Pole Top for Vehicle Pennant measuring 6.5 by 4cm showing oxidation but I believe this will clean up nicely.  See pictures...$  150.00 (Pictures)

F308.  WW1 German Flag Pole Top.  Good looking gilt-over brass WW1 German Flag Pole Top measuring 24cm/ 9 1/4 inches tall.  See pictures...$  1285.00 (Pictures)

F343.  NSKOV Corner Panel for Flag.  8 by 13 inches.  See pictures...$  295.00 (Pictures)

F406.  Double Sided NSDAP Banner.  Good looking Double Sided NSDAP Banner of multi-piece construction measuring 61 by 151 inches (155 by 386cm) with some light staining.  At one end of this flag there is the start of another flag as this was likely part of a large hanging flag display during the era.  See pictures...$  250.00 (Pictures)

F410.  NSRL/DRL Gau  XVI Bayern Turn-Verein Gefrees 1862 Standard.  This example is made of wool and double sided measuring 127 by 137cm (50 by 54 inches) and does have a fair amount of mothing being a scarce banner.  See pictures...$  895.00 (Pictures)

F450.  NSDAP Podium Banner.  Handsome piece measuring 31 by 36 inches (79 by 92cm) having a sleeve at the top for hanging being in excellent condition for its age.  See pictures...$  295.00 (Pictures)

F463.  Double Sided NSDAP Flag.  Cotton. Sleeve for hanging. Swastika disc is a separately sewn on piece.  Shows some light use but excellent condition otherwise.  29 by 23 inches (75 by 60cm).  See pictures...$  225.00 (Pictures) NEW

F503.  1924 Veteran/Old Fighter's Banner from Mainbernheim.  This example is beautifully hand embroidered on a silk base and is fragile in areas with some separation.  Double-side and possibly one of a kind.  55 by 56 inches (140 by 142 cm) plus the fringe.  See pictures...$  795.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F507.  Swastika Flag Center.  42 inch diameter.  2 light stains.  See pictures...$  70.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F509.  Reichsnährstand Flag Pole Top.  Nice looking Reichsnährstand Flag Pole Top being nicely marked made of nickel-plated tomback measuring 36cm/ 14 3/8 inches high by 21cm/ 8 1/4 inches wide being one of the larger and more impressive Third Reich flag pole tops with this fine example being of multi-piece construction.  See pictures...$  1100.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F513.  Small Plastic NSDAP Pennant.  3 by 5 1/2 inches.  See pictures...$  50.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F515.  Plastic NSDAP Pennant.  7 by 11 inches.  See pictures...$  95.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F516.  Small Plastic NSDAP Pennant.  3 by 5 1/2 inches.  See pictures...$  50.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F517.  1934 Reichsparteitag Pennant, Double Sided.  Printed discs that are sewn onto each side.  Sleeve at top for hanging.  9 3/4 by 16 1/2 inches.  See pictures...$  250.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F518.  Third Reich NSDAP Political Second Pattern Flag Pole Top by "RZM M 3/27".  Scarce Third Reich NSDAP Political Second Pattern Flag Pole Top by "RZM M 3/27".  This piece is maker marked "RZM M 3/27" at the side base of the pole topper.  This pattern pole top is often reproduced but certain details such as the maker mark and the machining to the inside of the topper are never correct.  As an interesting observation on this maker the stamp is often struck two or three times.  Super example. 9 3/4 inch/ 24.7cm.  Aluminum alloy.  (683rd)  See pictures...$  795.00 (Pictures) JUST IN SOLD

F519.  Early NSDAP Pole Top.  8 inches/ 20cm tall.  See pictures...$  250.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F520.  Early NSDAP Pole Top.  7 inches/ 18cm tall.  See pictures...$  250.00 (Pictures) JUST IN

F521.   First Pattern NSDAP Pole Top.  Nickel over tombac.  9 1/8 inch wingspan. Marked "RZM 60" at base.  Rare original.  See pictures...$  595.00 (Pictures) JUST IN SOLD

F522.   Early DAF Pole Top.  Brass-based.  Multi-piece construction.  9 inches/ 23cm tall.  See pictures...$  395.00 (Pictures) JUST IN SOLD   

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