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Avid Military Antique Collector - 30 Years in The Hobby!...

Always Buying GERMAN, US, ITALIAN and AXIS MILITARIA...What do you have to offer?

Single pieces to Entire Collections Wanted


Daggers & Swords

Medals, Badges & Awards

Luftwaffe Badges

Kriegsmarine Badges

Army/Waffen-SS Badges

Iron Crosses

Wound Badges

Membership Badges, Stickpins

Table Medals & Medallions

Belt Buckles

Helmets & Headgear

Cloth Insignia

SS Cloth Insignia

Army Cloth Insignia

Luftwaffe Cloth Insignia

Kriegsmarine Cloth Insignia

Police Cloth Insignia

Metal Insignia

Books - New & Used

Flags, Banners & Pole Tops

Documents, Paper & Books


Event & Day Badges

Propaganda Cards

Other German Items

Equipment & Field Gear

Italian and Axis Items

US Items

US Wings

Foreign & Allies

Reproduction Items

To order please email John at john@germanwarbooty.com or militarybuyer@aol.com

I am always interested in purchasing anything that you may have available for sale. 

Please email me at john@germanwarbooty.com or militarybuyer@aol.com or call John at 914-831-2090 (office) or 914-484-5519 (cell) describing the item(s) that you have.

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