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Thank you to the editor of Military Trader & Military Vehicles Magazine, John Adams-Graf and the to the readers for the positive feedback regarding our products and service. For information on subscribing to either of these leading publications please click our links page. John's books can be found for sale on Amazon and elsewhere. I am proud of this acknowledgement from such a prestigious militaria magazine with Military Trader and Military Vehicles both being leading publications in each respective category. John

-Sales Catalog-

Avid Military Antique Collector - 30 Years in The Hobby!...

Always Buying GERMAN, US, ITALIAN and AXIS MILITARIA...What do you have to offer?

Single pieces to Entire Collections Wanted


Daggers & Swords

Medals, Badges & Awards

Luftwaffe Badges

Kriegsmarine Badges

Army/Waffen-SS Badges

Iron Crosses

Wound Badges

Membership Badges, Stickpins

Table Medals & Medallions

Belt Buckles

Helmets & Headgear

Cloth Insignia

SS Cloth Insignia

Army Cloth Insignia

Luftwaffe Cloth Insignia

Kriegsmarine Cloth Insignia

Police Cloth Insignia

Metal Insignia

Books - New & Used

Flags, Banners & Pole Tops

Documents, Paper & Books


Event & Day Badges

Propaganda Cards

Other German Items

Equipment & Field Gear

Italian and Axis Items

US Items

US Wings

Foreign & Allies

To order please email John at john@germanwarbooty.com

I am always interested in purchasing anything that you may have available for sale. 

Please email me at john@germanwarbooty.com or call John at 914-831-2090 (office) or 914-484-5519 (cell) describing the item(s) that you have.

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